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Customized to your strengths and the strengths of your team.
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The Local Leader makes the difference

Research shows that the local team leader makes the greatest impact on employee engagement and productivity.

StandOut is a leadership effectiveness platform based on decades of performance research with the world’s best leaders. Beginning with an assessment it pinpoints your strengths as a leader and then gives you all the tools you need to lead your teams with greater intelligence, precision and impact.

Channel Channel Channel
DO YOU WANT TO... Receive ongoing guidance from leaders like you?
We created the StandOut platform to give you 3 things:
My Channel
Learn from leaders like you

Using your results from the assessment, My Channel delivers to you a personalized stream of ongoing best practices, tips and techniques from leaders who share your same strengths.

Team Console
Collaborate faster + more effectively

Members on your Team Console have access to their own customized Channel and individual Profiles that reveal precisely how and where each can rely on the others. See each team member's strengths at a glance and use the Check-In tool to track engagement in real time.

Cheat Sheet
Get the best out of each team member

StandOut pinpoints the strengths of each team member and provides you as team leader with a Cheat Sheet telling you how to focus, recognize and challenge each of them.

DO YOU WANT TO... Use your strengths more effectively than ever?
To get started on the StandOut platform:
Take the assessment
StandOut Assessment
StandOut starts with a powerful Assessment

StandOut starts with a powerful assessment, that identifies your top two strength Roles and gives insight into how to leverage those strengths.

Invite your Team
Team Console
Invite your team to join StandOut

Once your team members take the Assessment, you’ll see them appear on your team console and discover which of the 9 strengths Roles they lead with.

Engage your people
Put your strengths to work

Take action on the tips you receive—post them, comment on them, share them with others on your Claim Board, and maximize your impact as a leader.

DO YOU WANT TO... Track your team member’s level of engagement?
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Frequently Asked Questions:
What is StandOut?
Standout is a leadership effectiveness platform based on decades of performance research with the world’s best leaders. Beginning with an assessment it pinpoints your strengths as a leader and then gives you all the tools you need to lead your teams with greater intelligence, precision and impact.
What is included in StandOut and how much does it cost?

StandOut has three different purchase package options for team leaders, all of which include the assessment and access to the channel feed.

The different packages are:

  • Silver: 1 Team Leader Subscription + 5 Team Member Subscriptions + Full platform access
  • Gold: 1 Team Leader Subscription + 10 Team Member Subscriptions + Full platform access
  • Platinum: 1 Team Leader Subscription + 20 Team Member Subscriptions + Full platform access
Can I purchase an individual user subscription to StandOut?
If you’d like to purchase a single-user subscription only, please select the individual package. This includes the assessment and limited access to the StandOut platform.
Does it cost anything after the initial investment?

Each Team Leader package is active for one year from the date of purchase.

Subscription renewal costs are as follows:

  • Access to your team console: $125/year
  • Each member on your team console: $5/year

Example Gold Package Renewal:

  • Team Console: $125
  • 10 team members: $50
  • Total: $175
Does the subscription auto renew?
Yes. The email you provide to sign into your account will receive a renewal notification one month before your subscription is due to expire. At that time you will be able to log into your StandOut account settings and manage your payment options.
What if a team member has already taken the assessment?
No problem! Any existing StandOut user you invite to a team will be added to your Team Console once he or she accepts your invitation and logs into their StandOut account.
Can I add the same person to multiple teams?
Yes. When you set up a new team, you can invite anybody to join it, even if that person is already a member of another team.
What if I have more team members than available subscriptions?

You can add extra subscriptions when you purchase the Team Console, and you can also purchase additional keys when inviting new members to your Team Console.

If you’d like to buy 250 or more subscriptions, contact our sales team and they can help you out.

What if I have a key from the StandOut book?

A key from the StandOut book provides you with access to the assessment and limited access to the platform. If you’d like to have the full platform experience, you will need to upgrade to a Silver, Gold or Platinum package.

If you are a Team Leader and would like to build a Team Console, you can purchase a Team Leader Package after you’ve taken the assessment. Click on the “My Teams” tab and pick the package option that fits the size of your team.

I ordered the Kindle (or other electronic version) and I didn’t receive my key.
Please contact our customer service team to assist you.
What are the preferred browsers for using StandOut?
StandOut works best on Safari, Chrome, Firefox and IE10. StandOut will work on IE7 and up but will not work with IE6 and older.
What if I forget my username and password?
Click on "forgot password?" link under the login to reset your username and/or password.
What is the assessment and what is it measuring?
The action-oriented strengths assessment reveals your personal edge to help you win at work. The assessment measures you on 9 strength Roles and reveals your top 2. Your top 2 Roles are the focal point of all your talents, themes and skills. They describe your instinctive way of making a difference in the world.
Why does the assessment focus on only my top 2 Roles?
These top 2 Roles are your competitive edge. Focusing on these 2 will give you the greatest return on your investment and enable you to contribute your best. You will also have the opportunity to combine your top 2 Roles to get even more detailed feedback on how you can leverage your strengths as a leader, as a manager, in service and in sales.
What happens if I think another Role should have been in my Top 2?
Whichever Role you think should have been higher in your results, know that you do play that Role, at least sometimes. You can see where it ranks for you in your full ranking order. It's not unusual for people to feel that their Top 2 Roles are not what they would have chosen for themselves. However, it's important to keep in mind a few things. First, StandOut is an assessment that measures not how you perceive yourself, but how you come across to other people. Second, none of the Roles is better or more "right" than any of the others. Try to keep an open mind about what StandOut is telling you regarding how others may perceive you.
If I took the assessment a second time, would my results change?
We do not recommend taking StandOut more than once. As with any assessment, the first time you take it will always be the most reliable indicator, because you have never encountered the scenarios before. If you take it again in quick succession, your results could possibly — even probably — change because you will be taking the assessment with a "prepared mind." Once you have already seen your results and reacted to them, you can no longer purely answer the questions. We have performed standard test/retest reliability studies on StandOut, in which someone takes the assessment a second time six months after the first. In our most recent reliability study, involving 260 people retaking StandOut after six months, we found that 90% had 2 of their top 3 Roles repeated.
What languages has the assessment been translated into?

The questions and response choices of the assessment are available in the following languages:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese - Simple
  • Chinese - Traditional
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Portuguese - Brazil
  • Spanish - International
  • Spanish - Latin American
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese

The assessment and answers are available in the above languages. The channel feed and other portions of StandOut are available only in English at this time.

What should I do if I’m interrupted while taking the assessment?

If you are interrupted while taking the assessment, you do not need to start over. If your account is logged out, sign in again, and the assessment will automatically resume where you left off. If you are still logged in, click the Continue button to return to the questions/answers you were considering before you were interrupted.

Keep in mind that the best results are obtained when the entire survey is taken in one sitting, which requires approximately 20 minutes for the average user. For this reason, we recommend you set aside enough time to take the entire survey without interruption.

Why is there a timer for each statement? What if it isn’t enough time?
The time limit prevents you from over-analyzing your responses. Your top-of-mind reactions are the most accurate reflection of the true you. If the time limit prevented you from making a choice, the assessment will still measure your results accurately
What is the research behind the assessment?

When you measure people's themes of talent, it soon becomes apparent that, no matter how thinly you slice each aspect of each theme, these themes cluster into certain frequently occurring patterns.

To create the assessment, we first identified the most common and powerful theme clusters. We have called these "strength Roles." We then designed a series of question/response combinations to measure each Role.

This alpha version of the assessment was made available online in October of 2009. By January 2010, over 257,000 people had completed the alpha version of the assessment. After analyzing the responses, we removed unreliable question/response combinations, changed some responses, and added a select number of new question/response combinations that we will use in future research. This research will be ongoing as we collect more data on each question/response combination.

To see more about the research behind StandOut, visit this page.

What is the data/research on the value of leveraging your strengths?

The data on the benefits of leveraging strengths is decisive. Workplace surveys involving hundreds of thousands of employees worldwide over several decades allowed the Gallup Organization to identify the 12 key questions that most strongly correlated to high performance, as measured by numerous standard business metrics, including productivity, customer satisfaction scores and employee retention. The one question that showed the highest correlation to the highest number of positive business outcomes was: 
At work, do you have the chance to do what you do best every day?

The full meta-analysis of this research can be found in The Journal of Applied Psychology, vol 87, pp 267-278.

Who created StandOut?
Marcus Buckingham published StandOut in 2011 to offer people targeted, prescriptive advice on how to find their edge and win at work. Marcus' strengths message derives its power from rigorous data collection and analysis. He spent nearly two decades as a Senior Researcher at the Gallup Organization studying the world's best managers and companies to discover what drives exceptional performance. A devoted statistician and researcher, he has continued to explore the data behind great performance throughout his career. His research forms the basis of every tool or training program that The Marcus Buckingham Company offers. Learn more about Marcus here
What other research has The Marcus Buckingham Company completed?
Marcus has worked with the world's most prestigious companies, including Facebook, Accenture, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Wells Fargo, Microsoft and Disney, to name just a few. His compelling message has also drawn attention from numerous media outlets. He has appeared on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," "Larry King Live," "The Today Show," "Good Morning America" and "The View," and has been profiled in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fortune, Fast Company, and Harvard Business Review. To see a complete list of what The Marcus Buckingham Company has to offer, visit our website.